General Rules Here Are The General Competition Entry Rules For All Classes

  • General Rules

    1. These classes are open to everyone. All tests are owned by Dressage4all and may not be reproduced without permission.

    2. On entering any Dressage4all class you accept and abide by the rules set out here.

    3. Entry fees are non refundable once your entry has been accepted.

    4. Dresssage4all reserve the right to refuse any entry without stating a reason.

    5. Any rider of 16yrs or under must have parental consent.

    6. Each video submitted must not have been previously judged either at D4A or anywhere else. Any videos found to have been previously just will result in elimination from the class without refund.

    7. Horses/ponies may be entered into multiple tests by the same rider or by different riders, providing all rules are followed.

    8. The Judges decision is final in all situations. No communication or discussion will be entered into by Dressage4all. This includes not only the representatives but also the Judge involved. Any objections or appeals regarding your score must be made in writing with 24hrs of the results being published.

    9. You are riding at your own risk, Dressage4all take no responsibility for any injury occurred to either horse or rider whilst recording their video entry. Correct riding attire and appropriate protective wear MUST be worn

    10. Copyright laws must be adhered to when submitting any video footage or photographs or printed material. Dressage4all will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of infringement of copyright laws by any competitor.

    11. Prize money is awarded in the following circumstances

    0-5 entries - No prize money

    6-9 entries - 1st place (£14)

    10-15 entries - 2nd place (£10)

    16+ entries - 3rd place (£6)

  • Class restrictions

    1. Only one entry per horse/rider combination per class is permitted, unless it is a mixed class (ie Mature Rider, Junior Rider etc). In these classes you MAY submit two videos at different (consecutive) levels. 

    2. Horse and rider combinations can enter more than one class but to be fair to other riders they are NOT permitted to enter a class more than one level below their highest entry. (E.g. if you enter a Novice class, you will not be able to enter an Intro. If you enter an Elementary class, you will not be able to enter a Prelim on the same horse.)

    3. If a rider is entering on multiple horses then they may ride at different levels.

    4. Any horse and rider combination who achieved more than 3 scores of 70%+ at intro, or 3 scores of 70%+ at prelim or higher within the last 18months in D4A tests, will be required to move up to the next level for the following year. Does not apply to Music classes. If you do not wish to move, please enter the Platinum class.

    Does not apply to Elementary class. If you cannot move up from Novice, you must do the open class

    This also applies if you ride in mixed classes.

    5. If horse and rider combinations have won an individual league in any preceding year, they will be required to move up to the next level for the following League session.

    Class Types.

    'Open Classes'. Unless otherwise stated, these classes are open to all riders and can be entered as often as you wish. We will ask any riders who achieve over 70% in an Intro class more than 3 times, or 70% in a Prelim class or above more than 3 times to move up one level

    'Restricted Classes'. Intro classes cannot be entered if a pairing has already achieved 70% or more in any previous D4A test at that level or above (unless in a Pairs class).

    Restricted Prelim classes cannot be entered if a pairing has already achieved two tests at 70% of more in any previous D4A test at Prelim or above (unless in a Pairs class).

    Restricted Novice classes cannot be entered if a pairing has already achieved two tests at 70% of more in any previous D4A test at Novice or above (unless in a Pairs class).

    Bitless Horse Classes. Any type of bitless bridle or headcollar may be used, and English or Western tack and clothing is acceptable in this class (including bareback). Dressage4all cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained as it is expected you will take full responsibility for your own safety.

    Veteran Horse Classes. Horses must be aged 18 years or above at the time of the competition and will be split into two sections (18-24 and 25+). Photocopies of horse passports must be submitted to D4A via email, including details of name, breeding, date of birth along with ID sketch and written description (which must have the vet’s signature and stamp). Any entry received that does not have the above will be disqualified and no refund will be given.

    Ex-Racehorse Classes. You must send proof that your horse has either raced in the UK, Northern Ireland, or Ireland or has been in training with the British Horseracing Authority. Scans of evidence must be submitted to D4A via email.

    Mature Rider Classes. Open to all riders aged 45yrs or older at the time of competition. Proof of age (passport, birth certificate, or driving licence) must be submitted to D4A via email. Any entry without proof of age at the time of closing will not be judged.

    Junior Rider Classes. Open to all riders aged 16yrs or younger at the time of competition. Proof of age (passport or birth certificate) must be submitted to D4A via email. Entries without proof at the time of closing will not be judged.

  • Dress Code. Tack Rules

    1.  No need to wear competiton clothing, as long as you are neat and presentable

    2.  For all classes (except Relaxed Rules) please follow BD rules for tack.

    3.  Relaxed Rules horse can wear any bit, but no Market Harboroughs, Draw reins, De Gogue, Harbridge allowed.

    4.  Horses may wear boots or bandages.

  • Riding and Videoing Your Test

    1. All tests must be videoed from behind the C marker. 

    2. A caller is allowed. The caller must read from the test sheet and not offer any coaching or any other instructions during the test.

    3. You need to be in a marked arena with correct measurements (either 20mx40m or 20mx60m) either on grass or in a school.

    4. All riders must introduce themselves at the start of the video stating rider name, horse name, class entered, and the month. Please title your video with your name, horse name, class, month and year.

    5. The video must have sound and NO cuts. It must start t the introduction,  before the rider enters the arena and (preferably) 4 seconds after the rider salutes at the end. Videos must be recorded in landscape format. Any video submitted in portrait format will be given a -2 on the score sheet.

    6. Please make sure your videos on you tube are set to unlisted or public NOT private, as we cannot view them in this setting.

    7. Ask the person filming to try their hardest to keep you in the centre of the screen at all times - if you disappear from view, the judge will not be able to score you for those movements. please ask them not not make comments or give you instruction.

    8. If filming Freestyle to Music tests, the music should be played whilst you are riding, and not added to the video later. If the judge thinks that the music was added after they will deduct marks from the test.

  • Leagues Championships and Teams


    1. All riders will be entered into an Overall league which will run from Jan- Dec.


    1. This year we will be running Championships from January - June and then from July to December.
    2. In order to qualify for the Championship class you must gain 3 scores of over 63% at any level/ class. 
    3. You may enter more than one level - ie, Intro/ Prelim, Prelim/ Novice, Novice / Elementary. As long as you have 3 qualifying scores then you are eligible for the Championship class. 
    4. There will be Championship tests which will be published on the D4A Test page.
    5. The winner and runner up in the Championship class will receive a Special rosette and a sash. 3rd- 6th will also receive special rosettes.
    6. All participants in the Championship will receive a commemorative plaque.



    The Team League runs from January to December 2021. You need a min of 3 riders and maximum of 4 to enter. There are amazing rosettes, sashes and trophies to be won in this friendly team challenge!

    Each month, you compete individually in whichever class suits you and your horse or pony. Each rider must submit a minimum of 5 tests through the year. The top 4 scores for each rider will be added together, and the best 3 added to produce your Final Team Result. . Only current team riders (ie, submitted minimum of 5 tests) will be awarded rosettes/prizes at the end of the year.

    1. Putting Your Team Together:
      1. If you do not already have a team but would like to form one, please feel free to post up on our Facebook page. You can also connect with other Members on our website who may be looking for a team or team members.
      2. You will need a minimum of 3 Rider/Horse combinations and a maximum of 4.
      3. Teams can be registered at anytime in the year, but after March only scores gained after that time can be used.
      4. Your Team members must already be registered with Dressage4all. (To Register click here)
      5. Decide upon a Team Name and choose an Image for your Team Mascot
      6. Go to the Team Registration Form
      7. The Team Leader/Administrator can complete the online form entering the Team Name, each of their Team Member’s full name; Dressage4all username and registered email address and horse’s name. Don’t forget to upload your Mascot image, then press the submit button.


    1. Enter your chosen competitions:
      1. Each rider enters and pays for whichever classes they wish to ride each month.
      2. Please also choose your Team from the Dropdown on the Entry Form if you wish your entry to count for your Team (see Rules for Details)


    1. Submit your videos as normal. Make sure you include your Team Name along with the rider’s name, horse’s name, test and class on any information you send with the video. If you are using the Video Submission form then please select your Team Name from the Dropdown, again.


    1. Scores:
      1. At the end of the year the top 4 percentage scores for each rider will be totalled up to produce a final result. These will be selected from any current Team member. (Current member is one that has ridden a minimum of 5 tests)
      2. A team member must ride at least 5 tests in the year, in order for any of their scores to count.
      3. Prizes will be awarded to the Team that achieves the highest overall score.
      4. You may enter more than one class in a month. The best score for the month will be used in the team score. Music and Pairs classes cannot be used for Team scores.
      5. In the event of equality, the 4th rider score will be counted to determine the placings