Team LeagueForm A Team With Other Members & Win Even More Prizes!

The Team League runs from January to December 2019. You need a min of 3 riders and maximum of 4 to enter. There are amazing rosettes, sashes and trophies to be won in this friendly team challenge!

Each month, you compete individually in whichever class suits you and your horse or pony. Each rider must submit a minimum of 5 tests through the year. The top 4 scores for each rider will be added together, and the best 3 added to produce your Final Team Result. (Remember, you will automatically be added to the Individual League!).

  1. Putting Your Team Together:
    1. If you do not already have a team but would like to form one, please feel free to post up on our Facebook page. You can also connect with other Members on our website who may be looking for a team or team members.
    2. You will need a minimum of 3 Rider/Horse combinations and a maximum of 4.
    3. Team may be started at any time during the year, but each rider must submit at least 5 tests by the end of the year.
    4. Your Team members must already be registered with Dressage4all. (To Register click here)
    5. Decide upon a Team Name and choose an Image for your Team Mascot
    6. Go to the Team Registration Form
    7. The Team Leader/Administrator can complete the online form entering the Team Name, each of their Team Member’s full name; Dressage4all username and registered email address and horse’s name. Don’t forget to upload your Mascot image, then press the submit button.
  2. Enter your chosen competitions:
    1. Each rider enters and pays for whichever classes they wish to ride each month.
    2. Please also choose your Team from the Dropdown on the Entry Form if you wish your entry to count for your Team (see Rules for Details)
  3. Submit your videos as normal. Make sure you include your Team Name along with the rider’s name, horse’s name, test and class on any information you send with the video. If you are using the Video Submission form then please select your Team Name from the Dropdown, again.
  4. Scores:
    1. At the end of the year the top 4 percentage scores for each rider will be totalled up to produce a final result. These will be selected from any current Team member. 
    2. Each team member must ride at least 5 tests in the year.
    3. Prizes will be awarded to the Team that achieves the highest overall score.
    4. You may enter more than one class in a month. The best score for the month will be used in the team score.


Team standings as of 30th October:

 In order to have scores counted as part of the team, each rider must submit a minimum of 5 tests. Best 4 scores for each rider to be counted. Best 3 totals added to make a team score.

Team Chunky Monkeys Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct        
Kate Purves Danny   65.9 65.5 69.4 63.8 68.5 64.6 66.8 67.5 63 272.6      
Suzanna Steele Tina   70.5 69.2 68.8 66.3 70.5 72.4 70 69.2 65.5 283.4      
Caroline Benham Sundancer   67.6 66.7 68.2 67.3 65 70.2 68.4 67.8 68.9 275.7      
Sarah Lincoln Royal Marque       66.7                    
Team Overley Hill Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct        
Claire Reeves Whoa Nelly   67.3 69.1 65.8 63.9 65.4 57.8       267.6      
Joanna Messenger Stella   63.5 64.8 64.7 63.2 67.6 62.4 61.8     265.6      
Ellen Russell Sir Thomas   65.2 62.3                      
Ellen Holden Mia       63.4 65.2 65.2 69.5 69.3     269.2      
Team Snap, Crackle and Pops Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct        
Natalie Leith Barr An Bhaillie Boy 64.6 66.1 64.8 65.9 62.8 65.7     67.6   265.3      
Kim Leith Keltic Icon 68.9 66.8 67.6 62.3 63.8 68.7 67.6 73.7 68.5 66.8 279.8      
Jamie Lee Reat Little Ted                            
Lorraine Leith Benson II 65 65.7 66.4 68.2 65.3 69.6     64.3 65.5 269.9      
Team Oathlaw Angels Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct        
Susan Griffith Caspar 65.2 63.9 63.4 60.6 58.9 67.8 63.4 64.5 66.3 66.6 265.9      
Fiona Whitehead Wildcard 65.5 62.2 63.1 60.3     63.9 65     257.5      
Tara Wilson Barney 61 61.3   56.9 57.8 58.9   62.7 62.1 59.7 247.4      
Siobhan Meecham Huntingfield Breagha 67.3 68.9 69.5 66.9 63.2 70.2 65.6 66.9 67.8 63.4 275.9      
Team Buchan Kelpies Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct        
Vicki Glasgow Fleur 67.1 70   69.7   63.9 65.4       272.2      
Rachel Duthie Navarino Dan 65.3 66.1 68.2 62.6   70.8 70.2 67.1 66.7 67.3 276.5      
Michele Helliwell Jaret WD 62.1 62.6 63.9 64.5   60.4 51 63.5 65.3 65 258.7      
Sally Porter Daisy Dee 66 69.1 68.2 66.56 64.7 71.3 65.8 66.5 66.9   275.5      
Team Floss Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct        
Naomi Dipple Iona         62.1 68.4 64.3 65.6 65.4 65.6 265      
Gemma Dipple Iona       61.3   58.6 62.1 63.6 65.2   252.2      
Chloe Dipple Iona       66   61.7 65 62.6 64.7   258.3      
Amelia Gray Silfio         64.7 74.4 69.3 69 68.6 64.8 281.3      
Team Wern Witches Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct        
Sophie Kirk- Harris                  Zela Sonic Boom 64.2 66.5 64.4 65.7 63.5 63.9 65.2 66.6 67.7 63.6 265.6      
Joanna Townsend Mrs Hanley             66.9 65.2 64.3 65 261.4 *needs one more test to count
Inge Moors Cruise Past   67.8 64.5 61.9 62.6 67.1 64.3 63.3   63.2 263.7      
Fiona Lybster Bins Ted           62.1                

Team Rules

  • 1. How Many Riders In A Team? +

    Teams should consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 riders
  • 2. What Are Qualifying Scores? +

    To make sure your scores count towards your final placings, 2 team members must compete each month. If only 1 team member competes in a single month, that month’s score/s cannot be taken forward for the final Team score.
  • 3. How Does Our Team Win? +

    Your Team’s Top 10 Scores will be used to calculate the team’s final placing at the end of the year. The Team with the highest combined score will be declared the winner (See Also #5)
  • 4. What If There Is A Tie? +

    If there is a tie, the most consistently entered team will be placed higher.
  • 5. How Are The Team Results Calculated? +

    In calculating the final placings, we will take the top 10 percentage scores from the whole team as add them together
  • 6. Must I Ride The Same Horse For My Team? +

    Yes, you need to ride the same horse in that team throughout the year. However, if your horse has been injured or is unable to compete, you may change to another horse, but please see rule 7.
  • 7. Which Horse's Results Will You Take? +

    If a rider changes their horse, we will take only the results of the horse that finished at the end of the year. All previous horse results will not be valid.
  • 8. Can I Ride In More Than One Event? +

    There is no limit to the number of tests ridden in a month, all tests in each month (apart from Pairs and Training classes) will be considered for your Team scores, provided that you have selected your Team when registering for an Event and you achieve a qualifying score (See Also #2)
  • 9. When Do I Have To Register My Team? +

    Teams can be started at any point in the year. Our scoring system means that you have as much chance of winning whenever you join as long as your Team can achieve 12 qualifying scores by the end of the year
  • 10. What If My Team Stops Competing? +

    In order to qualify at the end of the year a Team must be regarded as “active”. An “active” Team is one with 3 or 4 members that have 12 or more qualifying scores and meets all of the other requirements of the Team Rules
  • 11. What If A Member Leaves Their Team? +

    Riders may leave the team and a new member can be substituted. However, the leaving rider’s results will no longer qualify to be counted in the final Team result
  • 12. Can Members Ride The Same Horse? +

    Yes, Horses and Ponies can be ridden by more than one rider in the same Team or another Team
  • 13. Which Classes Can I Enter? +

    All the D4A classes are included in the team event except the Pairs and Training Classes.
  • 14. Are there any restrictions? +

    As with our general D4A Rules, you can only ride one level lower than your highest class. e.g. if you have ridden a previous D4A Novice Class, you can still ride in a Prelim Class, but not an Intro Class
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