Championship League Results

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Championship League - 2020

INDIVIDUAL:  1st prize -  Trophies, Sashes & Rosettes!

Riders can compete in any test on the Dressage4all site. All tests (apart from the Pairs and Training Classes) will count towards points for the Championship for each horse and rider combination. Riders must submit at least 5 scores throughout the year to be in the running for the League.

EX-RACEHORSE: Trophies, Sashes & Rosettes!

Points are taken from Ex-Racehorse classes only.  No other classes will count towards this League. Riders must submit at least 5 scores throughout the year to be in the running for the League

NEW FOR 2020 - We will be running Leagues for each Level - Intro, Prelim, Novice, Elem/Medium. These will be sponsored. If I can get sponsors for the Mature/ Junior/ Bitless/ Veteran classes they will have their own leagues, if not then you will be added to to the relevant level you are riding at.

TEAMS:  We are running a Team League Championship throughout 2020.  Teams can join at any time with a chance to win some amazing prizes.  You can also connect to other members to join a team. Click HERE to find out more.  Prizes:  1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize Sashes, Trophy & Rosette for each active team member.  ('active team member' - those members who have at least 3 entries over the year).   


Your points are awarded as indicated below.   If you have entered more than two events with the same horse, we will take the highest placing/points to add to your monthly score.

Both the Individual and the Ex-RaceHorse Leagues will have 1st - 6th rosettes.  1st, 2nd placings will have trophies, sashes as well as the special rosettes for 3rd - 6th.

  • Points system for League Classes:
  • 55-59.9% -  1 point            
  • 60–61.9% - 2 points
  • 62-63.9% -  3 points
  • 64-65.9% -  4 points
  • 66-67.9% -  5 points
  • 68-69.9% -  6 points
  • 70-71.9% -  7 points
  • 72%+      -   8 points

If at the end of the year there is equality in points, then the last 3 scores will be added (in % form) to determine a winner.

The change has been made to enable those who take part in classes with lower entries to be in the running for the overall league winner at the end of the year.


Both these League tables will be posted up on the site and results will be added each month. If there is a tie at any level in either the Individual or Ex-Racehorse League table, then the final result for that level will be decided by the collective marks on your highest score test in December.  If there is still a tie after adding the collective marks, the rider who has been the most consistant competitor throughout the year will be placed higher.

1st Place

  • First place trophy
  • First place sash
  • Special rosette

2nd Place

  • Second place trophy
  • Second place sash
  • Special rosette

3rd - 6th Place

  • Special League Rosettes



1st Suzanne Steel Tina 69
2nd Lee Wright  Ruby 65
3rd Kim Leith Keltic Icon 63
4th Caroline Benham Sun Dancer 62
5th Siobhan Meecham        Huntingfield Breagha        59
6th Rachel Duthie Navarino Dan 57



1st Samantha Burgess - Vulcan


1st Vicki Glasgow - Fleur

2nd Michele Helliwell - Jaret WD


 LEAGUE 2018



  EX RACEHORSE LEAGUE                          
      Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec  
1 Kirsty Jenkins Anyone can Whistle 5 2 4 5 4 4 5 4 5 5 5 5 53
2 Maria Docherty Thalia Grace         1 4 4   4 4 3 3 23