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  • Goodbye Flys

    Goodbye Flys

    Great New Grooming Product an absolute Alternative to Fly Repellents!

    Show Shine That Smells Divine - That Helps protect your horse from fly attacks. Water based product made with 100% Organically Grown Plant Extract oils supplied certified by Ecocert one of the largest stringent certifying bodies.

    Great New Grooming Products an absolute Alternative to Fly Repellents! Organic Horse and Dog Grooming Products - Nurture & Protect Whilst Preserving and Maintaining Your Horse's and Dog's Skin and Coat Condition. All Year Round x

    6 in 1 maintenace Groomimng Products: •It’s a Show Shine that Smells Divine and Conditioner for the Horses Coat. •It can be used on sensitive skin horses. •It moisturises and soothes the Skin. •It helps with Hair Growth. •Midges, Feather Mites and Horse Flies don’t like it. •Daily use makes Clipping Effortless.

    Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, obtained through expression or steam distillation of flowers, bark, leaves, fruits and roots. The easiest essential oil to see, is the pure essential oil that comes out of orange peel when you squeeze.


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  • Tufftoys4dogs


    Tufftoys4dogs are the UK and European importers of Goughnut dog toys

    Virtually indestructible dog toys with a lifetime guarantee. www.tufftoys4dogs.co.uk

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  • Aileen's Equine Creations

    Aileen's Equine Creations

    We make a lot of our items like saddle covers, rugs, bridle bags etc basically everything horse.

    We also do printing on anything that can be printed on, can do alterations as well.

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  • Lorraine Buchan Equestrian

    Lorraine Buchan Equestrian

    Lorraine Buchan is a BHS Accredited coach. Lorraine also breeds & produces young horses. Lorraine runs a Private Livery yard.


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  • Grace's Equine Bakes

    Grace's Equine Bakes

    Yummy homemade pony treats. Created by a pony loving girl with a passion for all things horsey!x


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