In order to help you plan and practice for future months here are the tests that will be ridden.   

MARCH 2020 - closing date 19th March, 5.30pm

BD Classes: Intro C,  Prelim 13, Novice 34, Elem 44, Med 63

Long Tests: P19, N23, E43

Mature/ Veteran/ Ex-Racehorse, Junior, Bitless: Intro C, P2, N34

HHO Online: Int B, Prelim 12


APRIL 2020 - closing date 22nd April 5.30pm

BD Classes: Intro A, Prelim 18, Novice 28, Elem 50, Med 71

Long Tests: P15, N37a, E53

Mature/ Veteran/ex-Racehorse/Junior/ Bitless: Intro A, Prelim 1, Nov 24

HHO Online: Intro C, Prelim 7