Video Recording TipsHere Are A Few Useful Tips To Help You Produce A Excellent Video Recording

  1. Videos used in other competitions MUST NOT be used. If we find or suspect they have been used for another competition, the rider will be disqualified and not entitled to a refund. If you are riding in competition gear, it is important to tie a green ribbon/string on your arm over your jacket. If this is not done, you will be eliminated unless we have proof that you have not used this video for a previous competition.
  2. The test area can be an arena or flat surface/grass and must be either 20m x 40m or 20m x 60m, depending on your test. Please mark out the letters around the arena clearly.
  3. You can use any device (phone/camcorder/tablet) but please make sure the video is of good quality. (If you are unsure, please upload your video to YouTube and send me a link so that we can let you know – but will need to do this a week before closing date).
  4. The video clip must have sound and no cuts.
  5. If Dressage4all finds the quality too poor, the sound is off, or there are cuts, the video will be rejected. The competitor is not entitled to a refund.
  6. If it is a sunny day, please ensure the sun is behind the camera or your video will come out too dark to judge and will be rejected.
  7. The person videoing your test must stand at C. Please stand a little further back (if possible) from the arena so that we can see the whole test. Standing on a tack box will give a better view of the arena.
  8. Start the video before the horse and rider enters the arena and do not stop videoing until at least 4 seconds after the last halt and salute. If a video is stopped and re-started, it will be rejected with no refund.
  9. Make sure your device has a zoom function as it will be necessary to use this when the horse and rider are at the far end of the arena, but please avoid excessive zooming in and out during the test.
  10. If you do not have a zoom function, you can get MoviePro from the App store. Install this and open the app up before you want to video. You will see the zoom slider on the bottom of your image. On the top right is the upload to YouTube/Facebook/Dropbox. If you do not have a YouTube or Dropbox account, please refer to our Help Guides: YouTube Guide and Dropbox Guide.
  11. Please keep the rider and horse in the centre of the frame and in full view of that part of the arena, especially if making a transition by a marker.
  12. If you are videoing with your phone or tablet, please have the video on landscape. (Turn it on its side!).
  13. Uploading is a simple procedure. You will need either a YouTube or Dropbox account.
  14. The last thing to do then is to simply copy your video link and send it to us using the Video Submission form, here.

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